Avoid Yearly Fines with Help from a Lawyer in Walker, MN

A person who receives a ticket will want to learn more about traffic violations from a lawyer in Walker, MN to learn whether they can avoid obtaining points on their license. A person who receives a ticket generally has two options to consider.

Plead Guilty, Accept the Ticket

A person does have the option of pleading guilty to the offense and receiving a ticket they will need to pay. They will receive points on their license, though they can often plead to a lesser offense for a lower fine and fewer points. This may also mean their insurance rates will increase due to the ticket, depending on the type of ticket. They might have other fines to pay depending on the reason for the ticket.

Plead Not-Guilty, Go to Court

Another option is to plead not-guilty. They will need to go to a hearing and convince the judge they were not guilty of the infraction. If successful, they will not have points on their license and they will not have to worry about paying a fine. However, if they are not successful, they will be required to pay the ticket, they will receive points on their license, and they may not be able to accept a deal for a lesser charge.

A person who is worried about adding points on their license, who is already close to the six points within 18 months, or who already has more than six points will want to learn more about traffic violation law in Walker, MN. and will want to speak with a lawyer to learn more about the above options and how they apply to their situation. Visit Borden, Steinbauer, Kruger & Knudson, P.A. today to learn more or to find a lawyer you can speak with about your situation.

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