Backend Management: Unraveling the Mystery

Your shop is complex. This is even truer if you are trying to manage multiple locations, and services that are specific to certain areas. Luckily, you can help organize and make sense of all this by breaking it up into more manageable pieces. There are many different moving parts with running a multi-location service chain, but when you take the time to understand your business you make better business decisions. You will also be able to run your company smoother, and provide the best service possible to your customers.


A key aspect to your service station management is the inventory. You will want to make sure that every location has what it needs, and that all the materials are easy to locate. This data can also help you track how much you should be ordering, and improve the efficiency of delivery. You can save money by understanding your inventory thoroughly.

Receiving and Invoicing

With your inventory, you will want to ensure your company has a handle on the receiving and invoicing aspect of the business. Software for auto shop management can help you integrate your inventory directly to your receiving and invoicing. This keeps everything neat and tidy. It helps ensure that you are always on time with paying suppliers, and that you are getting what you are being invoiced for.

Ticket Generation and Tracking

Your shops need to have a way to track what work is being done. This helps you capture sales data and evaluate employee efficiency. As a manager, you need to be aware of who is doing what, and at what location this work is being done at. In addition, ticket generation is the final step in inventory tracking. You should be completely aware of where your inventory leaves your locations, and what it is being used for. This helps track quality, and can also be used to catch any potential theft.

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