Bad Brakes? Go for Professional Auto Repair in Poulsbo WA

A car’s brakes are more than just the pedal inside the vehicle; they consist of several interlocking pieces that are found throughout. Depending on the vehicle, an issue in one area can have effects in other areas. The list below details some of the most common brake repairs done by an Auto Repair in Poulsbo WA.

Replacement of Brake Shoes

This is a very basic part of auto maintenance. While pad replacement should be done roughly every 20,000 miles, these pads can wear out as soon as 10,000 miles. Most cars have wear indicators that stick out from the pad assembly, and these should be checked with each oil change. If the brakes are sticking or squealing, it’s time to visit a shop for brake repair.

Line Replacement

Most brake line replacements are done on an emergency basis. Brake lines carry fluid from the master cylinder throughout the rest of the system; the fluid keeps everything lubricated and in proper working order, so it must be clean. Dirt in brake lines can cause serious problems in other parts of the braking system. Some lines can be patched, but if the hole is too big, replacement may be necessary.

Master Cylinders

A master cylinder rarely needs replacement, but it’s an important part as it regulates fluid pressure throughout the braking system. The master cylinder is composed of several valves and pistons along with a fluid reservoir. Most automobiles’ master cylinders are built to last a lifetime, but things can still go wrong. In this case, it’s best to replace the entire piece rather than try to determine which part failed.


When brake lines are bled, the brake fluid is drained and replaced. Bleeding is typically required when there’s dirt or air bubbles in the system, and it’s normally done after repairs to ensure that the lines are free of contaminants or air. If a car’s brake pedal feels soft, it’s time to visit a shop for Auto Repair in Poulsbo WA.

The experts at a local auto repair shop will gladly explain what brake parts do and why they’re important, regardless of a part’s size or complexity. When a car needs brake repairs, drivers should leave them to the pros.

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