Basic Tips for Residential Pest Control in Providence, RI

A pest infestation in your house can become a real nuisance if it isn’t handled on time. Many homeowners ignore the signs of a pest infestation or simply fail to recognize them, which often causes a problem. The problem with household pests is that they tend to multiply at an incredibly fast rate, so a delay of even a few days could exacerbate the problem by a significant margin. Residential pest control needs to be taken seriously, and it’s recommended that you take action right away. Here are a few basic tips for residential pest control that you should follow.

Keep it Clean

The most important thing is to ensure that the place is neat and clean. Almost all pests and rodents are drawn to dirty surroundings, so if you do not maintain hygiene and cleanliness in your house, it won’t take long before an infestation builds up. Pests often hide in dark and damp places, so it’s recommended that you keep it as clean as possible. One of the best tips for residential pest control in Providence, RI is to ensure that you keep your place neat and clean. Make sure you clean up after dinner and ensure that the place is cleaned regularly.


Fumigation is necessary after every year or so. You can contact a local company such as to schedule a visit and get the place fumigated. You might have to relocate out of the house for a day or two while the fumigation work is being carried out. Regular fumigation will ensure that your place remains free of any pests. Do make sure that you seal any holes in the walls to ensure there are no entry points.

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