Benefits and Risks of Teeth Whitening in Bound Brook

Having your teeth whitened comes with its own set of benefits and risks. The first and most important consideration in any dental procedure is patient safety. Having your teeth whitened by a professional Cosmetic dentist will reduce potential risks and side effects.

Some of the possible risks associated with having your teeth whitened are things such as:

Sensitivity of teeth

Gum and oral mucosa irritation

Poor results

Those are three of the main risks. Although uncommon, sometimes the whitening procedure can make your teeth more sensitive. This is due to exposure of the dentin of your teeth during the procedure.

Irritation of the gum’s or oral mucosa can be a problem with prolonged exposure to whitening solutions. Another reason you need to have the procedure done by a professional who does Teeth Whitening Bound Brook.

Last but not least if your teeth are heavily stained before the procedure, you may not get the results you want. This is an uncommon problem when you have your teeth whitening done professionally. Not getting the desired results is much more common with the OTC and home whitening kits.

There are many benefits of having your teeth whitened professionally. The first and most obvious benefit is that you are having the procedure done by an experienced professional. The ultimate result is that side effects are lessened and risk is reduced.

Another benefit of having an in-office whitening procedure is the fact that you will get better results. The results of professional whitening versus do-it-yourself whitening are undeniable.

You will also spend less money when you decide to have a professional do your Teeth Whitening Bound Brook. The Cosmetic dentist will assess your teeth and decide which whitening procedure is best for you. This prevents you from purchasing numerous OTC products hoping to get results. It’s much better to turn to the professionals to get this procedure done.

The benefits of Teeth Whitening Bound Brook far outweigh the risks. The key to getting the best results possible is to consult with the dentist first. Spending money on do-it-yourself products increases your overall risk and most often will give you disappointing results.

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