Benefits Of A Rocket R58 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

One of the most popular machines is still the Rocket R58 dual boiler espresso machine. It has an excellent finish and fit, designed to be compact to fit on almost any counter. They can also be easier to learn about and use than other models. You can also adjust the temperature control for each of the boilers separately.


As many aficionados know, some machines can be quite noisy, especially when you’re grinding and brewing at the same time. However, the Rocket R58 dual boiler espresso machine is softer than others, meaning you won’t wake up the house when you pull a shot. Likewise, it is perfect for commercial needs because people won’t have to shout to order their drink.

Plumbed In Or Reservoir

One of the best reasons to consider this option is that you can choose to plumb it into your water system or use a reservoir. Of course, if you plan to make a lot of coffee, you are going to want the plumbed in feature. Homeowners who want a commercial-grade product may be fine with the reservoir, filling it up as necessary.

Excellent Craftsmanship

While many people don’t care, some want to ensure that the components are all commercial-grade. This ensures that you always have the best product made from the right parts. Likewise, the handmade craftsmanship means that someone took a lot of time to make and create the item. The chrome and stainless-steel make for a shiny new contraption that will be the highlight of the home or business.

Two Boilers With Different Temp Controls

Each of the boilers works independently for steaming and brewing. The Rocket R58 dual boiler espresso machine was designed that way to allow for stability and increased steam pressure/hot water, and each one can be programmed for a particular temperature.

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