Benefits of Aerating your turf

Is Your Turf at Its Healthiest?
Do you know how important aeration of your turf is? Aeration reduces turf compaction, improves the infiltration of water/nutrients and creates an environment where grass can grow to its fullest. Here are four of the main benefits for aeration!

Aerating reduces soil compaction. This allows for deeper plant roots and better use of water and nutrients. Compacted soil inhibits a healthy root system from growing. When water and fertilizer isn’t able to make it to the root system, aerating can help!

Aerating reduces thatch accumulation. Thatch is the buildup of dead plants on the soil’s surface. Thatch makes it harder for air, light, and water to reach plant roots.

The timing is important. It is important to look at when your soil moisture level is at its best. This is the time that you should be aerating your turf. If you do it in the fall, it will help plant growth in the spring!

What you can expect afterwards. There is no need to clean up the dirt plugs that come with aerating because they will eventually break down. Plant roots will begin to fill the holes, and the extra sunlight, water, and air will help with growing! It is a simple, yet effective way to keep your lawn happy and healthy!

Looking to Buy Turf Aeration Equipment?
Check out 1st Products’ multiple machines for aerating. The experts will help you find the equipment that’s just right for you! By checking out their website and giving them a call, you’ll be on your way to having a great looking lawn.

Their machines are made by knowledgeable engineers who are always looking for the most innovative ways to improve their equipment. Some of their best equipment is listed on their website at affordable prices! Take a look at these amazing machines!

  • The Aera-Vator
    This machine comes in three different sizes, 40, 60, and 80 inches. Looking to do more? They offer five different shaft sizes and multiple add-ons to get you well on your way!
  • The AE40E AERA-Vator Tow Behind
    Looking for something a little smaller? This tow behind is perfect for your tight spaces! This equipment can be used as a tow behind with any small mower! Its versatility is unmatched!
  • The DO40 AERA-Vator Mini Skid Steer
    This product is perfect for your skid steer or compact utility loader. It helps speed up any renovation or construction projects! Optional seeders, with forward and reverse capabilities, are also available.

Be sure to check out 1st Products today for all your turf aerification equipment needs! They’ll set you up with the perfect product for you!

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