Benefits of Commercial Hand Dryers

by | Jul 19, 2016 | Business Services

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Research published within the “Journal of Microbiology” in the year 2000 discovered no substantial difference in the degree of micro-organisms that followed hand drying with warm air versus paper towels. An additional study by the Mayo Clinic in the year 2000 similarly discovered no substantial difference in bacterial removal between warm air dryers and paper towels.

What it did report was that the washing of hands must be completed, and the hands fully dried (however that’s achieved). Procedure and technique again tend to be paramount in minimizing transmission.

Many scientific studies were published in highly respected medical reviews upon the hygienic superiority and health benefits of warm air dryers. Commercial Hand Dryers almost are unanimously reported to be more sanitary than additional drying methods. As a matter of fact, because of the dry environment caused by consistent heating, bacteria counts often are 2 – 4 times lower in the dryer than upon additional surfaces in the bathroom, like soap dispensers, door knobs, and sinks.

Plainly put, the hand dryer doesn’t add any bacteria to a bathroom air; it uses the same air you’re breathing, and your hands are coming into contact with. Dryers that have heating elements may actually burn off all bacteria which come into contact with the coils.

Hand dryers, unlike paper towels, leave no refuse behind, which may carry bacteria, and hands-free units relieve the necessity of touching any surfaces at all to dry hands. Facility owners who seek to maximize hygiene within their washroom facilities ought to put in as many hands-free units as they can. Besides hand dryers, automatic faucets, auto-flush toilets, and soap dispensers all are readily available. The additional benefits include significant cost savings, less overall product waster, and improved hygiene.