Benefits of Crack Sealing in Madison WI

One of the most durable materials used today is asphalt. It covers miles and miles of roads and parking lots. However, it isn’t indestructible, and it needs to be maintained in order to hold up well. Asphalt crack sealing in Madison WI will extend the life of the surface, especially in unforgiving winter climates like Wisconsin’s. The professionals at Tri-County Paving Inc. says that it is important to repair cracked asphalt immediately with a high-quality sealant. Below are a few benefits of asphalt crack sealing:

More Resilience

Unlike asphalt crack filling, sealing allows for more flexibility. The sealant has a rubbery consistency that keeps the pavement impenetrable even when it expands and contracts during extreme temperature changes. Asphalt crack sealing is suitable for pavement cracks with horizontal or vertical movement at a threshold greater than 0.1 inches.

Greater Longevity

While asphalt crack sealing is more expensive than other methods of repairing, it’s more cost effective due to its durability. Roads that have been sealed can remain smooth even after five years or more. The treatment will also improve the appearance of the pavement. This service will extend the life of the asphalt.

Better Protection

Besides simply repairing damage, an asphalt seal coating goes an additional step. It repels water to prevent it from penetrating the pavement base and causing additional damage. It prevents additional problems.

By taking care of this early on, a person is able to reduce the severity of the cracks. This will divert water to the berm of the asphalt instead of allowing the water to settle in the base which can cause more erosion.

Another harmful component is the sun. Once a crack develops, the UV from the sun can cause more damage as the crack expands. Sealing a crack will block out the damaging UV rays that will deteriorate the inside walls of a crack.

Those considering Crack Sealing in Madison WI can count on Tri-County Paving Inc. Browse our website at and find more about the services offered. The team has its customers covered from beginning to end. Since 1986, this has been a family owned and operated local paving business.

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