Benefits of Using Sand in Steilacoom Landscaping

by | Oct 14, 2022 | Uncategorized

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Gardens are an essential feature of your property. It’s vital to keep them in the best condition possible. Gardens and landscaping designs are aesthetically pleasing and make the property look its best. When completing landscaping projects, finding the best solutions and applications is crucial. Here are some ways to use sand in Steilacoom landscape designs.

Balance the Soil Composition

The soil and its composition are essential to a garden and yard’s health. It needs to be moist but not too wet. When the soil is moist, it forms air pockets impacted in the ground that prohibit plants from breathing. Soil needs a grainy texture to avoid this issue. Adding sand in Steilacoom soil helps maintain a grainy texture the plants need for a sufficient air supply for their roots.

Increasing Germination Process

Sand in Steilacoom provides heat. It heats up faster than other soil types to boost germination, especially in the spring months. A layer of sand added on top of the soil encourages plant growth.

Easy to Dig Up

Weeds are not easy to remove. Their roots bind tightly to the soil, making it challenging to pull them out without disturbing the soil. When the soil is mixed with sand, it’s easier to remove weeds and other unwanted plants. Farmers and landscapers often need to remove weeds and other plants but struggle when the soil is packed too tightly.