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When you find you need someone with knowledge of Business, IT and Data, as Alation Consultant in New York did, then you need someone you can rely on and trust to tie everything together. If you can’t say for sure that you trust your data or even know what it means, it’s time to call on the services of a professional consultant to bridge the gap.

Expertise in the Following Software

Some of the data software programs with which the consulting firms has proficiency include the following:

• Collibra Data Governance Center Software

• MuleSoft Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

• Oracle Database Administrator (DBA)

• Trifacta Wrangler

• And more

Many if not most businesses operate within organizational silos, divisions operating independently that avoid sharing information. This creates tunnel vision. Strategies to overcome the silos must be implemented for greater efficiency.

Data Governance

In general, data governance is an encompassing strategy to ensure the data the organization is using is clean, usable, correct, and secure. To accomplish this, two assessment approaches are used:

• Assessment of Current Data State

• Assessment of Desired Future Data State

These two approaches ensure that current and desired cross-enterprise data model(s), IT architecture, and business state are covered.

Data Tools and Services

Overcoming tunnel vision silos facilitates everyone in the organization finding the data they need to collaborate. Two platforms that achieve the goal are:

• Alation Data Catalog

• Collibra Data Governance Center Software

You, too, can duplicate success the way Alation Consultant in New York did.

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