Bringing Unwanted Possessions to Jewelry Buyers in Chicago for Cash

Sometimes, people pawn jewelry because they need a short-term loan, and other times they sell the pieces because they don’t want the items anymore. It can be surprising to consider how much gold and silver jewelry is lying around many homes in boxes, dresser drawers, and cabinets and never gets worn anymore. Jewelry Buyers in Chicago are glad to have prospective sellers come into the pawn shop and make a deal.

Items to Bring

People commonly don’t realize how much the unwanted jewelry is worth. Gold in particular, is valuable, and if the piece contains diamonds or other precious gems, that normally boosts the price Jewelry Buyers in Chicago will offer. Sterling silver is not worth nearly as much as gold, but every dollar counts. Necklaces, bracelets, watches, brooches, and many other pieces are in demand.

Consider the Cash

The idea of sorting through all that old stuff may seem like a time-wasting task. Would there really be anything to make doing so worthwhile? Somebody might think about what he or she could do with an extra $90 or $150. Consider an hour or two spent sorting unwanted jewelry and another hour or so bringing it to a nearby buyer to evaluate the items and make offers. The person might have just earned $30 per hour or $50 per hour, minus a small amount of gas or bus or train fare.

Individual Pieces

Some pieces of jewelry are worth more than that without any additional items included. A diamond engagement ring made of gold, for instance, could bring in $200, $400, or an even higher amount depending on its precise features. Heavier solid gold bracelets and necklaces are especially valuable for a shop that will sell gold by weight for melting purposes. Sometimes people still have these things in a closet, perhaps as gifts from a previous engagement or marriage, or maybe from an inheritance from an estate.

With $100 or more from a shop such as Clark Pawners & Jewelers, the person might start an emergency savings fund. In contrast, it might be time to take somebody to a concert or out for a fabulous dinner in Chicagoland. Check us out online.

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