Brooklyn Townhouses – Location Matters

Brooklyn townhouses are widely available throughout the borough but that does not mean they are all created equally and it certainly does not mean that they are all in prime locations. Whether you are a native New Yorker or you are relocating you have to consider the location of a townhouse when it comes to proximity to easy commutes and of course the vibe of the neighborhood.

Why Does Location Matter So Much?

If you plan on living in Bklyn with a commute to Manhattan every day, location can mean the difference between a 15 minute commute one way and an hour commute one way. This borough is big! In addition to the commute you have to keep in mind that each neighborhood:

  • Has a different cultural vibe
  • Some buildings are not as secure as others
  • The neighborhoods that border the neighborhood that you are looking in also matters

The Different Vibes

Each neighborhood has its one cultural vibe. You want to choose a location where there is a nice balanced diversity that gives it a real sense of neighborhood and a very authentic NY feel.

Safety Is Always a Priority

Some buildings are not quite as safe as you would want them to be when it comes to security. Of course the same holds true of the neighborhood. Choosing the right location can help to enhance your safety.

All Around

You have to keep a watchful on not just on the location but also on the locations that immediately surround the area. You want to ensure that you are buying in a building that is a sound investment and that is surrounded by pockets of other nice areas.

The Oosten offers lovely townhouses a stone’s throw from Manhattan in one of the best locations in all of New York City!

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