Bus Accidents Can Result in Severe Injuries or Fatalities to the Public

Whether it’s a MARTA bus, a school bus or a Greyhound, other than the driver, everybody else on a bus is a passenger. There aren’t any seat belts or air bags to protect bus passengers in an accident. They’re thrown about inside of the bus, and where they end up and what they hit on the way puts them at the mercy of the laws of physics.

Bus Passengers Aren’t the Only People at Risk

Bus passengers aren’t the only people who are injured or die from bus accidents. Drivers and occupants of family passenger vehicles, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians are also at risk in a bus accident. Given the massive size and weight of a bus, they’re far more difficult to maneuver and stop than a family passenger vehicle. Given those factors, bus crashes often result in high numbers of severe and fatal injuries to victims who aren’t bus passengers.

MARTA and Other Public Buses

If a person is injured in an accident involving a public bus, special laws apply that make the process of suing a governmental entity more difficult than a privately owned entity. The procedures for suing a public bus company after an accident are strict, and the deadlines are short. That’s why you should act quickly in retaining an experienced and effective bus accident lawyer in Atlanta to represent you.

After being injured in a bus accident or losing a family member in one, contact a bus accident lawyer in Atlanta at the Champion Firm as soon as possible by calling us at 404-594-5045 to arrange for a free consultation and case review. You can even use our easy contact form at www.thechampionfirm.com, Remember that strict procedures and time limits apply.

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