Business Litigation Issue, Contact an Attorney in Chicago

There are two professionals that every business needs, regardless of size: an accountant and an attorney. Why a business needs an accountant is quite obvious; they are responsible for maintaining accurate reports, and they prepare all documents, including tax returns, needed by authorities. It may not be as apparent why a Chicago company needs a business litigation attorney, though. An attorney will be involved in most aspects of your business, from initial incorporation to defending against legal action.

The Time to Hire an Attorney Is Not When You Are In Trouble:

Small business owners have a lot on their plate; as such, they often wait to engage a business litigation lawyer until they are being sued. This is a big mistake; you want to develop a relationship with an attorney at the same time you are setting up your business. Even the smallest business can find themselves facing legal challenges. Though retaining an attorney is an added business expense, the fee your attorney charges to keep you and your company on the right side of the law is well worth it.

Attorneys Are Specialists:

Lawyers have difference specialties. Your business litigation lawyer will have many business-oriented skills, including:

  • Contracts: Your attorney must be able to understand the basics of your business. Knowing this, he or she will be well positioned to develop contracts that you will need when you enter into relationships with customers and suppliers as well as review contracts others want you to enter into.
  • Real Estate: Commercial real estate leases are very complex and always written to favor the leasor. Just because you are expected to sign, a “pre-printed” lease does not mean it is non-negotiable. Your attorney will review the lease and prepare an addendum that benefits you.

Once you have established a relationship with a seasoned business litigation attorney, meet with him or her regularly. Even a quick phone call every month can save time, money, and grief by identifying and correcting small legal problems before they get out of hand.

Developing a relationship with a good business litigation attorney is in your best interest; contact Zimmerman Law Offices in Chicago at

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