Cake Tools for the New Baker

Starting your baking journey can be challenging; especially figuring out what you need. The Internet does not make it easier. Typically this is what happens. You will search “what bakery tools do I need to become a great baker. ’’ You will come up with a list of a hundred items, get overwhelmed and give up. The braver among us will opt to buy just some items. The problem with this is that you end up with stuff you never use while missing what you actually need. We will discuss what you really need to get started.

Bakery tools for the first time baker:

  1. Baking pans: You need to invest in high quality non-stick baking tins. You do not need very many. Start with these three: a round one, a square shaped one, and a rectangular one. You can buy ordinary pans when you get the hang of it.

  1. Measuring tools: Measuring spoons, a kitchen scale, a thermometer, and a timer. Contrary to some beginner’s notions, baking is all about accuracy and using the right bakery tools. If your last cake sunk into a crater, you may have gotten your measurements wrong.

  1. Mixing bowls: These do not need to be expensive. You should however, have several of them in different sizes since you often have to mix your ingredients separately.

  1. Mixer: An electric mixer is a baker’s best friend. This is one of the bakery tools you will use each time so do not be stingy about it. Buy the best quality you can afford. You can start with a hand mixer.

  1. Piping set: Start with a simple set preferably one with a dozen tips. You should also consider one with numbered tips. This will come in handy when using video tutorials since they refer to their numbers when describing the tips.

  1. Fondant styling set: A good set should include the cutting and shaping tips, a rolling pin and fondant smoother. After checking for these, get a set with as many shapes as possible. This will give you greater room for creativity when decorating.

These are some of the main bakery tools you need to get started. Good luck on your baking journey!

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