California Highway Worker in Critical Condition After Hit-and-Run

Reckless driving is a serious problem. It seems that every time we turn on the news or open the morning paper, another story greets us with news of a roadside fatality or serious injury. For many Californians, an accident attorney in Victorville CA is the key to appropriate financial compensation and emotional closure. An accident attorney works to ensure that reckless, intoxicated, or irresponsible drivers are called to task and held accountable for their actions and the damages and injuries that have resulted.

One highway worker in Southern California will almost certainly be calling upon an accident attorney near Victorville, CA in the near future. The 37-year-old worker was setting out traffic cones on the highway shoulder in preparation for construction work when a driver veered off the road and struck him before driving on. A witness said the driver did not even try to brake. The injured worker was rushed to the hospital in grave condition, while the driver was found stopped at the side of the road about a mile further on with extensive damage to the front of his car. He was arrested on suspicion of hit-and-run accident and driving under the influence.

The worker’s severe injuries are just the latest in a series of incidents involving reckless driving and endangerment to roadside workers in Southern California. Most of these incidents involve drunk driving. Just last summer, three separate accidents involving drunk drivers resulted in the deaths of four California workmen. It remains to be seen whether the man injured in this latest accident will survive, but if he does, he will surely seek legal action. Though an accident attorney in Victorville, CA cannot bring back these men whose lives were tragically cut short, proper legal action can ensure that drunk drivers are punished for their actions and kept off the streets. It can also provide financial help for the families of victims, and, in cases that result in injury rather than death, it can give financial help to cover medical expenses and the loss of revenue from work.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a serious accident in which a reckless driver was at fault, contact an accident attorney in Victorville, CA. With skill and dedication, he will work to ensure that, if at all possible, you get the money you need and deserve. Though this of course, does not change the past, it will help give you a sense of closure and improved financial stability to get you through the tough times you are experiencing.

Brian J. Morgan Attorney at Law represents clients who have been injured in a variety of accidents, including drunk driving, auto accidents, defective products, and wrongful death.

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