Can You Get Better Gas Mileage with a Tonneau Cover?

One of the most important factors in regard to global resources has to do with the fuel that we use to operate and run our cars worldwide and locally here in Binghamton, New York. The price of gas spiked to all-time highs in the last years of the first decade of the 21st Century – more than doubling in some U.S. locations. Conversing gasoline and spending less money is an objective almost everyone who owns a car or truck shares. Despite this, we are a car and truck culture, and there has been no lag, but actually an increase in car ownership, engine power, and traffic even after monumental increases in the price of gas.

For most of us, even if we love our trucks, we still want to do what we can to conserve energy and not pay so much at the gas tank. One of the simplest ways to save gas and gas money is to buy a tonneau cover in Binghamton, NY for improved gas mileage.

Your open truck bed is a drag, not only aesthetically and functionally, but in terms of fuel consumption. While you may want to purchase a tonneau cover in Binghamton, NY in order to protect the stuff you haul around in the back from getting lost on the freeway or being stolen by thieves or simply from the rain and snow, it has another practical use as well. When you drive, wind swirls around the cab of your truck and instantaneously fills up your bed, then kicks against your tailgate. This drag means that it takes more fuel than it should to for n miles per hour. Putting a tonneau cover purchased in Binghamton, NY over your bed blocks out the wind so that there is no resistance. That means that you will use less fuel to push yourself forward at n miles an hour than you did without the tonneau cover.

Some people simply remove their tailgates, which is a poor solution and actually dangerous. It further exposes the contents of your truck to the possibility of flying off and creating a traffic hazard, plus it looks bad. Installing a tonneau cover in Binghamton, NY solves the problem much more efficiently, as well as adding other obvious significant benefits as well.

You may be a bit skeptical and ask how much drag can really be influenced by an open bed, but the industry standard says that there is a 5% improvement in fuel economy when you use a cover. That means that over time, the cover will actually pay for itself while simultaneously adding resale value to your truck .

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