Can You Keep Living in a Student Apartment if You Drop Out of School?

Sometimes, going to college doesn’t work out quite the way you planned. Maybe you’ve realized that going to college isn’t quite what you want to do with your life. Maybe you had to drop out because of a family emergency or because college was overwhelmingly stressful. Whatever the case, you might be wondering if you can stay in your student apartment after you drop out.

Can You Continue Living in Student Apartments After You Drop Out?

Generally, active college students are the only people allowed to stay in off-campus housing in Tallahassee. If you drop out in the middle of the semester, you might be asked to leave. Ultimately, it depends on the apartment complex. Make sure you talk to a staff member as soon as possible so you know when you need to start looking elsewhere for housing.

If possible, it might be best to wait until this semester is over before you drop out. You’ll be allowed to stay over winter or summer break as long as you haven’t officially dropped out yet. But if you absolutely know, talk to a staff member and see what you need to do to get out of your one-year lease contract. You’ll also need to get a move-out date so you’re not kicked out with no place to go.

If you’re thinking about staying in off-campus housing in Tallahassee, stop by the Redpoint West Tenn website. You might get a discounted rate if you apply for a room early enough.

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