Can Your Friends Visit You When You Live in a Student Apartment in Arizona?

Going away to college is the perfect opportunity to make new friends–but that doesn’t mean you want to lose the friends you already have. Sometimes, texting and talking to each other on Facebook isn’t enough. You want to hang out with your friends in person and give them the chance to enjoy all the resort-style amenities at your student apartment. Can you invite your friends over whenever you want, or are student apartments closed to guests?

Are Visitors Allowed in Arizona State University Student Apartments?

While student apartments don’t want to deprive you of the opportunity to hang out with your friends, they also want to make sure the area is a safe, secure place for all residents. For this reason, they might have rules about inviting guests. Every student apartment complex has its own set of rules, so talk to a staff member before inviting someone over. They might have your guest check in at the front desk or ask them to leave by a certain time. You might also have to call ahead of time to let a staff member know that they’re coming.

Fortunately, most student apartments have social events throughout the year where outsiders are allowed to join. You can invite friends and family members to hang out with you, check out the facilities and meet some of your new friends. They might even be able to grab free food or win a prize while they’re there.

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