Chiropractors In St Louis Can Naturally Help With Neck And Back Pain

Pain can be exhausting as well as debilitating. Visiting Chiropractors in St Louis can help a patient with pain, numbness, tingling, headaches and discomfort without the use of medications that are harmful to your health. Chronic headaches could mean that the neck area is out of alignment. This can cause muscle spasms in the neck that extend into the base of the skull. The alignment of the spine is critical for the body to operate efficiently and heal properly. It’s similar to a car not being in alignment and the car will shake, rumble and wear the tires out quickly.

Auto accidents can instantly place a spine out of alignment. Whiplash in the neck can occur, and the neck will become stiff and sore. A chiropractor can correct the whiplash condition after a careful examination and x-rays performed of the area. This treatment does not include the use of any medication. Chiropractors in St Louis can diagnose whiplash after a careful and thorough investigation of the neck, spine and extremities. Ultrasound of the neck area may be performed to improve the blood flow to the area and begin the healing process. The chiropractor may also recommend massage therapy as part of the care plan.

Manual adjustments to the spine and neck can begin to take place after the examination is complete. These manipulations will make a small popping noise. In the back region, it may sound like crumbling chips. This procedure releases gases in the joints and offers almost instant relief for the pain and misalignment. Whiplash may take several treatments in order to treat and strengthen that area of the body. Pain from fibromyalgia can benefit from chiropractic treatment. Manipulation of the spine helps the body to relieve pressure and pain in muscles that are sore. Massage therapy on a regular basis can help to rid the muscles of toxins that have built up from the lack of sleep fibromyalgia patients suffer.

It’s important to see a chiropractor before reach for a bottle of pills to correct a problem with pain. This healthy alternative uses the body’s healing process without the use of medication. For more information on all of the benefits chiropractors offer.

The chiropractors at the Back & Neck Care Center of North County provide quality care for chronic pain.

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