Choose Natural Sweeteners Over Artificial Ones for Better Health

The overconsumption of sugar is definitely a problem amongst Americans. On average, each American consumes about 20 teaspoons of added sugar every day. This high level of sugar consumption has led to a sharp increase in lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease. Some people have chosen to switch to artificial sweeteners like aspartame, as an alternative to sugar. However, studies have shown that artificial sweeteners likely pose their own serious risks to human health. Fortunately, many natural sweeteners are now available that offer the sweetness of sugar, but do not cause high blood sugar spikes, contain extra calories or include artificial chemicals. Here is some information from the best natural sweeteners guides.

It’s very likely that you have heard of stevia. This natural sweetener comes from the leaves of an herb found in South America. The people of South America have been making use of this sweet leaf for centuries. After it is extracted from the leaf during the manufacturing process, stevia extract can be up to 300 times as sweet as white cane sugar. Many people even use it for baking in place of sugar. Stevia is also calorie-free, low glycemic and readily available at most grocery stores.

Raw Honey
Raw, organic honey is one of the first sweeteners that human beings likely used in ancient times. Not only does honey have more sweetness than white cane sugar, it can also come in a range of flavors, depending on what type of pollen the bees who created it have access to. As a completely natural product, raw honey contains varying amounts of minerals, vitamins and enzymes.

The best natural sweeteners county can be found in many grocery stores, health food shops and farmer’s markets in your area. Aspire Food Group USA is a great source for the best natural sweeteners guides. You can check out their website by going to

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