Choose Steel Siding for Its Strength and Longevity

Deciding which kind of siding to install on a house can be a rather difficult and time-consuming task. Vinyl siding is the most popular choice today for a number of different reasons, as is wood siding. Each of these types of siding has its own benefits and drawbacks. But have you ever considered metal siding for your home? It isn’t as common as other kinds of siding, but it has many advantages that make it an excellent choice.

The type of metal siding most familiar to homeowners is aluminum siding, very popular 50 years ago but not used as much now that vinyl siding has entered the market. However, Steel Siding is a type of metal siding that is gaining popularity, particularly in areas of the country that regularly experience harsh winters or severe weather. Steel stands up very well to freezing temperatures, snow and ice events, including hailstorms. High winds don’t affect it in the same ways that they can affect other types of siding. Steel Siding is impervious to insect damage, a problem that can plague homeowners who have chosen wood siding. Steel also doesn’t invite the growth of mold or mildew as some other types of siding can.

Fire protection is one of the greatest benefits steel siding can offer a homeowner. Metal is much less likely to catch fire than other kinds of siding, so a homeowner who must deal with concerns about fire due to lightning can feel confident knowing that his home is much less likely to burn. He even may be pleasantly surprised to find that his homeowner’s insurance offers discounts if he chooses to install steel siding. Even better, this type of siding should hold up for at least 20 years and possibly even 30 years or longer.

Of course, there are always drawbacks to any siding material. The price of siding made of steel will be higher than most other kinds of siding. The selection of colors and textures of steel siding are limited, although choices are increasing. One drawback is steel’s reputation as a poor insulator. Backing with the right kind of foam is essential if the steel is to provide decent insulation. This type of siding is costlier and more difficult to install, than more common types of siding. However, it is an excellent long-term choice. Contact Website Domain for more information on steel siding.

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