Choosing a Fishing Rod And Reel You’ll Love to Use Every Time You Fish

If you are a fishing lover in Oakdale, NY, or any other fishing paradise, then you need to have the right tools when you are enjoying your hobby. You could miss out on the best fish of your life by simply not having the right reel. So, don’t put up with a fishing setup that doesn’t meet your needs. Use these tips to choose one that really makes you glad you have it every time you fish:


Something like a Bailess spinning reel will have various sizes that make it ideal for catching a certain fish or fishing in specific depths. You don’t want it to be too large or too small. The Bailess spinning reel gets the size just right. There are other options of course, but sometimes it helps to just go with what you know will work. That way, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.


Your reel is also something that will need to stand the test of time, casting and reeling in, over and over. Make sure it can stand up to any and all resistance that the fish you are seeking can give it. The last thing you want is a way for your setup to slip out of your hands or break.

Your Style

The style and color can really help you express your personality. It’s really fun to show off your new toy when you are proud of it because it represents both you and your love of fishing. Perhaps you’ll catch your trophy fish with your personalized rod and reel.

When looking for ways to improve your fishing, the reel you use is always one place to start. It can be an almost magical way of improving the results you get. Don’t be afraid of switching things up, and don’t sell yourself short. Get the reel you want and be glad you have something that will bring you joy when you go fishing.

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