Choosing a Home Clean-Out Service

Certain situations demand more than a cleaning of a home. They require the complete removal of everything within. Hoarding and situations such as moving may necessitate hiring a home clean-out service.

Defining a House Clean Out

A house clean-out is a service provided by various companies. It refers to the removal from a house of everything residing within. The list of items to be removed include furniture, kitchenware, appliances, electronics, personal items, foodstuffs, and collected items of various types. In hoarding situations, the materials requiring removal may also include feces, urine, trash and rotting food

Choosing a Home Clean-Out Service

Not all home clean-out services in Los Angeles are the same. While all end up removing undesirable items from your home, the exact scope of work depends upon the company. It is up to you to decide what type of house clean-out you need.

In essence two types exist. These are

  • Junk Removal Services: They clean out homes by placing everything in bins for removal to the dump. Anything you want to save, you must do in advance
  • Clean-Out Services: These companies work with you to find the best approach. The services will vary to meet the specific demands of the job. It may involve simply removing and dumping everything or helping clients sort through the items and locate specific documents and materials. Recycling and donations to local charities may be involved.

It is up to you to decide which home clean-out service is the best fit for your needs and the house.

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