Choosing Accessories for Officers

Every city and county want their local officers to look professional and authoritative, so the uniforms and accessories you choose for your department are an important choice. A professional looking uniform and accessories lend immediate credibility to an officer.

Accessories complete an officer’s uniform from a practical perspective, providing essential job-related gear. However, accessories are also an area where your department can show a little style and enhance your professional look.

Belts and holsters are important accessories, as these are worn by all officers, and very visible. Basketweave duty belts are a great choice since the woven design offers a bit more detail and texture than a flat belt. If you choose basketweave duty belts for your officers, you’ll find that there are many accessories, like holsters hand handcuff holders that coordinate well.

Hats are important accessories, as well. Hats should first be chosen for comfort, but should also look great with the uniform. When putting together a complete uniform ensemble, it’s a good idea to choose the hat last, after all the other pieces of the uniform have been chosen. This helps to ensure the look is coordinated. Keep in mind that you may need two hats for your uniforms: a warm one for winter and a breathable hat for summer. This is particularly important if officers are required to wear hats at all times while on duty.

Choosing your department’s accessories need not be difficult since there are many vendors that specialize in providing uniforms and accessories to law enforcement. You can feel free to browse until you’ve found the uniform and accessories that give your officers the image your city or county wants to present to the community. A seasoned vendor can provide you with all the guidance you need to purchase perfect uniforms and accessories every time.

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