Choosing Between Slab and Prehung Exterior Doors in Philadelphia, PA

An exterior door serves many functions including insulation, theft protection, and enhanced aesthetic appeal. When an exterior door is damaged, it may be time to replace it. A replacement door can be a prehung door or slab door. Learning about these doors will enable a homeowner or company owner to make a wise selection between the two. The following guidelines will assist with this.

Prehung Doors in Philadelphia, PA are doors that are already installed into the frames they hang from. A prehung door is actually made up of three components. The slab door is the rectangular piece of material such as steel, composite, wood, or fiberglass. The hinges attach the door to the door frame. The door frame is the door jambs and transverse member that sit in a door opening. A prehung door may have mortises for door hardware such as a knob and lock. It’s ideal for an exterior door to have as little space as possible between the door frame and the door. Since a prehung door is often manufactured by calibrated machinery, it’s usually tight-fitting. This type of door is easier to install when a person does not have the woodworking skills to install a slab door.

A slab door does not have hinges or mortises. It is usually cut to fit into a standard door frame. A person who uses on the exterior of a home should be sure he has the craftsmanship skills necessary to do it. A slab door is often cheaper and easier to carry. Installing a slab door will enable a person do customize the door more easily and efficiently. It can be easier to install a slab door when there is not an existing door frame in a wall.

Considering the benefits and drawbacks of slab and prehung doors should be done before purchasing an exterior door. It’s important to remember that an exterior door will help keep unauthorized people from entering a home or building. Also, this door will detract or add to the appeal of the structure in which it’s put. For more information on exterior doors in Philadelphia, PA, a person can Visit Business Name. This company can handle slab steel doors for commercial and residential customers.

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