Choosing Electricians for Projects

Often there is confusion about the difference between an electrician and an electrical contractor. An electrician is typically an individual tradesman who specializes in the electrical wiring of structures and equipment. The electrical contractor may also be an individual person, but it is usually regarded as the business or firm that hires electricians for specialized construction work involving electrical systems. Both need insurance and a license to legally operate within a state or other jurisdiction.

Most construction projects in Iowa hire qualified Electrical Contractors in Iowa City. These contractors may be categorized in three different ways. “Inside” contractors take care of the electricity inside the boundary lines of a property. This involves electrical design and installation for both commercial and residential buildings as well as the substation and outdoor lighting requirements. “Outside” contractors are also known as “line” contractors, and they deal with the high-voltage transmission and distribution power lines from the power plant to the facility. Lastly, “integrated building systems” or IBS contractors are involved with low-voltage installations that include back-up power, wireless networks, climate controls, telecommunications, energy-efficient lighting, and security systems.

When searching for Electrical Contractors Iowa City, you need to be sure they are properly licensed and insured. Furthermore, the electricians they employ must also be fully licensed. Some contractors specialize only on repairs while others may only wire new homes. Be sure that you choose a contractor who has expertise and experience in the particular area you need. Availability 24/7 is important so that you can always rest assured that the electrical contractor will be there regardless of the time. You should also check their references, and ask family and friends about their reputation and quality of work.

Safety is always a consideration when choosing from a list of Electrical Contractors Iowa City. It is recognized that there is a direct correlation between the safety history and the quality of work of the contractor. The Experience Modification Rate or EMR is an insurance tool used to grade the safety history of a company. A rating of 1.00 is considered to be average, and anything lower is indicates a good safety record. The EMR is based on worker’s compensation losses for previous years. For example, the 2010 EMR for Faith Technologies is 0.59. Within the construction industry, the most prestigious safety award is the Construction Safety Excellence Grand Award. Faith Technologies took home this award in 2010.

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