Choosing the Best Fire Pit for your Outdoor Needs

Fire pits can be a wonderful thing to have in the backyard, if chosen wisely. An ill-fitting fire pit won’t just be an eyesore – it’ll most likely cost the wrong amount, be annoying to set up, or even turn into a danger for the household.

Playing with fire can be satisfying and extremely rewarding, but fire pits aren’t exactly as simple to set up or safe to use as grills, and a fire pit and a fire place are two completely separate worlds as well.

First off, you’ll want to choose your manufacturer and supplier wisely. Manufacturers who focus on quality Houston fire pits is absolutely critical, in order to avoid any unexpected possibilities with the use of your fire pit.

Fire pits need to be maintained irregularly, so be sure to know everything you can about the composition of your fire pit, and how best to clean it out without damaging the structure of the pit.

Choosing a Pit Size

Ultimately, your pit size depends entirely on the size of your backyard. It cannot be prohibitively large, because then you’ll run into the danger of essentially producing too much fire – to the point that it may spill over into your foliage or set your garden ablaze. Be sure to keep the pit area at least 20-25 feet away from any nearby structures, in case of strong winds, and keep a large area around the pit free from leaves or sticks.

Choosing a Pit Style

Other considerations to make with your pit include fuel use, material, pit location and pit ambience. Make sure that your pit fits into your home’s style and aesthetic, and that you use a fuel you can source easily and without much of an extra cost. Finally, consider the material as per Home Design Lover. Clay pits are a possibility, although metallic pits aren’t as massive, or take as long to install properly.

Permanent or Portable

Permanent fire pits are the logical conclusion if you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors – simply cover the pit when not in use, and head outside to enjoy the heat and the sky when you do get it started.

Portable pits are better when you’re not interested in using your pit more than a few times a year, for special occasions or cook outs.

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