Choosing the Right Dump Truck Body

by | Jun 16, 2017 | Automotive

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Dumps trucks are some of the most important things many Fresno CA companies can invest in. In fact, a good truck is expensive because it’s made to last and has heavy-duty features. When you buy a truck, the dump truck body is a major concern because you have several styles in which to choose. One style will fit your needs best, and here is important information to help you when you shop for dump trucks.


Do you plan to use your truck for dumping construction scrap or debris? Maybe you want to haul sand, gravel, dirt, or stone. The type and size of the materials you haul have a lot to do with your decision.


Do you have the right chassis for the dump truck body you need? For example, if you have a medium-duty truck with a single rear axle, you can’t haul large and very heavy loads in Fresno CA. In fact, you have to go by total weight which includes the frame, cab, and added equipment. Yet, these aren’t the only factors that determine truck size. Many trucks pull trailers, and you need a heavy-duty suspension and special hitches for that work.

Steel or Aluminum?

The aluminum dump truck body is becoming popular in Fresno CA. However, aluminum is not as hard as steel, and it’s best for hauling materials that aren’t abrasive (like sand and gravel). Steel is not the best material for hauling anything that’s corrosive. Aluminum resists many kinds of corrosion and will last longer and give you better performance. Because it’s lighter, you get more payload capacity with aluminum.

Body Types

  • Contractor – sides fold down to make loading easier
  • Two-way – can dump from the side or rear
  • Flatbed – use as a flatbed truck for hauling and can also dump
  • Landscape – tailgate drops down and has removable panels