Choosing the Right Wedding Venue in Logan Square

When it comes to choosing the ideal site for a wedding ceremony and a reception, there is no one right answer. The options are as varied as the couples who wish to tie the knot. When considering the merits of any Wedding Venue Logan Square, it pays to look closely at a few basics. Here are some examples.


How many people will be invited to the wedding? Of that number, how many are likely to show up? Always make sure that any Wedding Venue Logan Square is large enough to accommodate the number of people anticipated to attend. Remember that it never hurts to have a little extra room just in case some people decide to attend at the last minute.

Indoor or Outdoor

Some people love the idea of being married in an outdoor setting. If that is in the offing, think about factors like whether to set up a canopy or tent for the ceremony or possibly find a location with plenty of shade. Some venues have plenty of blooming plants for a backdrop along with plenty of open space to set up chairs.

With any indoor Wedding Venue Logan Square, make sure the seating is comfortable and there is plenty of room to arrange the space to suit the needs of the wedding party. Since the ceremony is taking place inside, always check the quality of the lighting. Even if there are plenty of windows to allow natural light into space, having overhead lights is a must for photographs and creating the right effect.


Guests will need a convenient place to park. Always verify the venue comes with a parking area or is at least adjacent to a parking deck. Doing so will ensure guests do not have to walk for blocks to get to the ceremony.

The Cost

When there is more than one venue that is perfect for the couple, it does pay to compare costs. Chances are, one of those options will be less expensive than the rest. Assuming they are equal in every other way, go with the more cost-competitive location and use the savings for the honeymoon.

For help with choosing the right venue, contact Carriage Greens Country Club today. The right location will be found and reservations made in no time.

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