Common Garage Door Repairs in Arlington Heights, IL

Garage doors tend to get a great deal of use every day. As a result, the components may fail due to wear and tear, misuse, and more. Certain repairs are very common when it comes to a garage door repair in Arlington Heights, IL, and some fixes can be handled by the homeowner. However, others require the help of a professional. When this is the case, call on Robert’s Garage Door Professionals of Chicago. Browse the website to learn how they can be of help to you.


Springs frequently break on a garage door. Experts state that every spring will break over the lifespan of the door, due to the stress placed on this component. For this reason, it is recommended homeowners disconnect the springs on the door yearly to find out if the door remains balanced. This can easily be determined by raising and lowering the door manually. If something breaks when doing so or if the metal is heard screeching, the springs need to be replaced.

Door Tracks

Accidents happen, and an accident may result in the door track being damaged. Fortunately, this problem can often be rectified by the homeowner with nothing more than a soft mallet. Simply use the mallet to attempt to knock the track back into its normal shape. In the event this does not work, a professional service can be of great help in fixing the track so the door once again opens and closes correctly.

Safety Sensors

It’s very frustrating to go to close the garage door only to find it gets stuck halfway down. This usually signals a problem with the safety sensors installed at the bottom of the door. These sensors may be misaligned or it may be something as simple as an item has fallen in the door’s path and the sensor is detecting it. Try realigning the sensors and make certain nothing is in the sensor’s path. If this does not fix the issue, don’t hesitate to call on a professional for help.

Repairs are often needed when it comes to a garage door in Arlington Heights, IL. However, maintenance can be of great help in reducing the need for these repairs. Clean and examine all components regularly. In the event, a repair is needed, have the work carried out immediately. Doing so helps to keep the cost down and ensures the garage door works as intended at all times. Visit Robert’s Garage Door Professionals of Chicago online for more information.

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