Common Signs of Heroin Addiction

If you know someone with a heroin addiction, you will quickly discover their entire life revolves around the use of this drug. They will likely be secretive, willing to skip family and work obligations and obsessed with money to get more drugs, as well. There will also be physical signs of a heroin addiction, including clouded thinking, flu-like symptoms, frequent sedation and track marks. If these indications are present, it may mean it is time for you to consider Heroin Addiction Treatment in Rockford IL for your loved one.

The Highly Addictive Nature of Heroin

Heroin is an extremely addictive drug. As a result, the slope between being a user and an addict is extremely slippery. In the beginning, a person may only use the drug from time to time, but with prolonged use, they will become physically dependent on it. This is when the use of the drug can be extremely dangerous. Not only can an overdose lead to death, but so can ceasing the use of the drug cold-turkey. This is when treatment options, such as heroin treatment services, can be invaluable.

Signs Your Loved One is “High”

If you are concerned your loved one is using heroin, then you need to get to know the signs they are high. These include:

* Small pupils
* Flushed skin
* Runny nose
* Watery eyes
* Itching skin
* Extremely relaxed or drowsy

If you are concerned about heroin use and your loved one, then it is time to begin considering the benefits that heroin treatment has to offer. This may be the best way to help them kick the use for good.

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