Common Symptoms You May Need a New Water Pump

If you have a well for your water, then the pump is going to be one of the biggest issues you may encounter. While having a private well offers an array of benefits when issues arise they can be costly and frustrating. Do you know the signs that there’s an issue with your water pump in Truro, NS? If not, it’s time to learn what they are. Keep reading to find out more.

No Water Coming out of the Fixtures

This is an issue that’s pretty obvious. If there isn’t any water coming into your home from the well and the well isn’t dry, then chances are it’s an issue with your water pump in Truro, NS. Begin by looking at the circuit breaker. Turn the pump off and then reset your breaker and turn your pump back on. If it is working properly, you’re fine. However, if the breaker blows, you need to call the professionals for help.

Low Water Pressure

There are some issues that can result in water pressure problems. This includes scaling on the interior of your pipes due to hard water, a pressure tank problem or lower water levels from the well. It may also be the result of your pump losing its efficiency and not drawing enough water from your well like it was able to in the past. If you are worried about issues with your water pump in Truro, NS the best thing you can do is call the professionals. They will be able to determine the issue and get your pump working again quickly.

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