Consider a Geothermal System from a Commercial AC Contractor in Chesapeake VA

Any commercial AC contractor in Chesapeake VA can offer updated versions of air conditioning units, systems, and air duct work for the warehouse, office, retail store or factory. Energy-efficient models and systems are being introduced constantly as manufacturers seek to provide systems to save businesses money while increasing comfort. Creating more zone capability for systems, for example, will enhance the versatility of cooling different offices or sections of a commercial building. Smarter thermostats, wireless control of systems from remote locations, and monitored cooling are all ways to cut utility costs, conserve resources, and be more environmentally friendly without compromising comfort.

Experienced technicians can review current systems, assess building needs and configurations, and make recommendations for energy-efficient systems and units. Warranties on new air conditioning products are as high as ten years because they are made to last. That instills customer confidence in the manufacturer and saves money on early replacements. Commercial systems are an investment, so businesses require assurances that the purchase will be worth the cost. Warranties that last a decade send the message that manufacturers stand behind their products. New air conditioning systems for commercial use are more efficient, stronger, and quieter than ever before.

There is another option that can cut utility costs drastically, provide comfort for the entire building, and is more environmentally-friendly than any other cooling system. A geothermal system from a Commercial AC Contractor in Chesapeake VA provides several long-term benefits and areas of cost savings for a business. One way it benefits the business is that it take a single system to provide both heating and cooling for the building. When heat is needed, it is pulled up from the ground. When it is hot outside, the system draws hot air from the building and transfers it underground.

The system operates on very little electricity, making it efficient and lowering all utility costs dramatically. The initial cost of installation is higher than other options, but the reduction in costs and energy incentives offsets that amount. The system will provide a complete return within two to eight years, depending on the size and use of the building. Those who are interested can contact R.A. Styron Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. for complete details.

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