Consider Your Shower Plumbing Options in Rockville

Turn your bathroom shower into a visible feature that promotes style and comfort. Nowadays, choose from many types of showers and attachment heads. Include a feature like a bath, tile floor or window. Review all the choices you have in regards to Plumbing in Rockville.

For a new installation, choose the right shower style. A walk-in shower is a modern system that looks streamlined and usually includes a sleek glass door. A tile floor stands out easily, especially if mosaic tiles are used. For a country-style shower, install wood that looks good when stained. Treat your shower like a walk-in closet that has a large space for movement.

A large, frameless shower will transform the entire look of your bathroom. The frameless type gives the look of a spa. The door is constructed of thick block of glass without a frame. The hinges secure the thick glass, which makes the frameless door more expensive than a framed one. However, the construction makes it sturdy and long-lasting.

The frameless door is a better choice for the elegant homeowner who likes the look of open spaces. The frameless design gives the idea of a grander room. Place a light near the ceiling to brighten the walls and floor. Since the glass is the main attraction, you should keep it clean of spots and smudges.

A framed shower door has a metal trim that holds together the glass panes. There are different frame colors and materials available for selection. This door has seals that make it easy to close and block water from spilling onto the floor. If you are less interested in style and more interested in practicality, choose the framed door.

Create a simple or complicated project for your shower. The work can vary from installing a new showerhead to repainting the floor. Shower designs have advanced considerably over the decades. The modern, frameless design is popular because it provides the illusion of a shower without borders. The framed door will continue to exist for a long time. Select the right shower door and accessories to use based on your own preferences.

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