Considering Exterior Doors Replacement in Carmel, IN? Here Are Your Options

There are various reasons why you may consider exterior doors replacement. Front doors, in particular, increase the value of a home, increase energy efficiency, and add to the aesthetics of your property’s exterior. Here are the three main types of door materials to consider when replacing your door.

Steel Doors

Steel doors are great money-savers and provide a substantial barrier against intruders. If you are considering exterior doors replacement, steel replacement doors have been proven to preserve the value of your home, compared to wood or fiberglass doors.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass often mimics the appearance of real wood and comes in an array of styles. One of the primary benefits of fiberglass exterior doors is that they require little maintenance, which is a massive advantage in comparison to wood. What’s more, fiberglass tends to last twice as long as steel or wood, and the material can hold its own in a range of weather conditions. It will not contract or expand the way wood does, and can go for years without needing a touch of paint. While fiberglass feels light when pushing the door, the coating is durable and difficult for intruders to penetrate.

Wooden Doors

Wood is often the material of choice for people wanting exterior doors replacement in Carmel, IN, and is the default choice for high-end suburbs. Wood carries a somewhat luxurious appeal, and fiberglass or steel can not reproduce its substantial weight. If you have a classic, grandiose entryway, wood is the way to go.

Doors that claim to be energy efficient will carry the Energy Star seal that shows the door meets government regulations to improve energy efficiency. The door you choose will depend on your budget, requirements, and taste.

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