Covering Your Base with Phase 1 Inspections in Naples, FL

When it comes to buying and developing commercial property, certain steps need to be taken. Protocols and guidelines must be adhered to, otherwise, the entire project may go south.

That is where phase 1 inspections in Naples, FL from Healthy Home Inspections can suit your needs. It means ensuring all your bases are covered when you buy property for development purposes.

Who Needs to Have Phase 1 Inspections Done?

If you aren’t sure where phase 1 inspections in Naples, FL come into play, it is quite simple. If you have aspirations of purchasing land that will become commercial or industrial property or plan on leasing the land commercially or developing it, you need a phase 1 inspection.

These inspections are basically to release landowner liabilities that can be involved with purchasing land. They basically involve performing an environmental assessment of the property at large.

Comprehensive Investigation

During phase 1 inspections in Naples, FL, you can expect a few things. Some of these include historic aerial photography within the vicinity of your property, USGS maps to determine topography and drainage, as well as chain-of-title examinations.

The process is more comprehensive than you may have realized. That is why having professional inspections done can ensure every detail is covered and you are ready to proceed with the next steps in your development.

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