Coworking Spaces in NYC are the Trend of the Future Now

by | May 19, 2016 | Business Services

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If you have not been paying attention to the latest “real estate” trend in NYC you may have yet to hear about “coworking spaces in NYC” which are quickly becoming the way to get the office space you need without breaking the bank. You can kiss high rents, lease contracts and the stress of it all goodbye. Coworking spaces are not really a new idea the idea has been around for as long as businesses have been fighting for prime real estate. Sharing costs are an easier way to grow your business but the latest trend is a step up from cost sharing.

Work It Out
Sometimes you need a space for a few hours a day, others you need it for a one shot deal, and the coworking arrangement is opening up a world of possibilities for businesses that want to avoid long term all together. Historically sharing office space between two businesses was a lease, sub lease type of deal but today there are other possibilities that have come about that allow much more freedom and leeway.

It is The Solution
Whether you normally work from home and just need a space to get a little more focused a few hours a day or you want to sink that big client and you need an impressive space that you normally cannot afford, coworking may be the solution that you are hoping for. It can offer you:

  • A cheap professional work space
  • A schedule that works for you
  • No commitments

Why pay rent regularly when you do not need to? It is a great way to beat the high cost and still get the value that you want. If you need a space Monday, Wednesday and Friday that can be worked out, maybe you only need it in the mornings or the afternoons. There is an arrangement waiting that is perfect for your needs. This movement will grow and grow and Sage Workspace is in the forefront. Call Sage and see what they can do for you.