Cremation Services: The Legality of Scatterings in Ashville NC

by | Feb 2, 2024 | Funeral Services

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Cremation services are popular in cities through the United Sates, including Asheville NC. These take many forms. One common aspect is scattering. This is the loosing of the cremains – letting them freely fly, float on the water or rest on the land. Scatterings can occur in many places, however, there are legal restrictions on this practice. In North Carolina, it is legal to scatter the cremains in the following locations:

Private Property: No existing legislation prevents the scattering of cremains on private property. However, it must be either property you own, or the property owners have granted permission to do so.

Public Land: If the land is classified as “uninhabited,” you are free to scatter the cremains.

National Parks: These are commonly chosen for scatterings. However, before you proceed to release the cremains of a loved one in a National Park, be sure to obtain permission first.

Oceans: The coastline along the Atlantic Ocean is a magnet for scatterings. You cannot, however, simply throw the cremains in from the shore. They must be scattered at sea from a minimum distance of three nautical miles offshore. The EPA must also be informed.

Scattering Gardens: For a more formal scattering, you can choose a scattering garden. Talk to a funeral director in Asheville NC about the nearest location for this type of cremation services.

Sky Scatterings: You can legally drop the cremains from the sky.

Scatterings commonly form a part of many cremation services in Asheville NC. Talk to your funeral director about your intent.