Critical Services to Expect When You Visit a Roseburg Orthopedics Doctor

Injuries to your skeletal system require specialized medical attention. Because your primary care doctor cannot treat them, he or she may refer you to a specialist like those found at Umpqua Orthopedics.

When you have been referred to a clinic that offers orthopedics in Roseburg OR, you might wonder about what kinds of services that you can receive. You can find out by contacting the clinic on Facebook or by following through with your appointments with your orthopedic doctor.


One of the most common services associated with orthopedics in Roseburg, OR involves having your fractured bone put in a cast. The cast stabilizes the injury. It also prevents the bone from moving so that it can heal in a matter of weeks.

The casts offered by Umpqua Orthopedics are made out of materials like fiberglass and plaster. These materials are lightweight enough so that your cast is not heavy to carry or move. However, they are also durable enough to prevent your fracture from moving while it heals.


As you can learn when you visit the clinic’s page on Facebook, patients like you can also be referred to rehabilitation services. Your orthopedic doctor may recommend that you undergo rehab to strengthen your injury. The exercises help your bone heal even further and teach you how to bear weight on the limb that was injured.

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