Crowns in Keizer, OR Protect Decaying or Fractured Teeth and Improve Your Appearance

There’s no sure way to safeguard teeth completely from wear and tear that happens over time. However, there is a way to prevent severe oral complications throughout life. Sticking to a good oral, personal hygiene regimen and seeing the dentist every six months for a year is the best way to prevent or detect oral maladies in the beginning stages. Crowns in Keizer OR is a restorative procedure that provides a decaying or fractured tooth with a protective casing. Materials for Crowns in Keizer OR, are made of durable porcelain or metal and are not vulnerable to daily exposure of food and bacteria.

Crowns in Keizer OR, add extra protection to tooth fillings that aren’t sufficient for the kind of damage the tooth has received. Most patients undergo only two procedures for Crowns in Keizer OR. Some tooth enamel is scraped away to make room for the crown. The dentist makes an impression of the tooth so a perfectly sized crown can be manufactured in a lab. The dentist may put a substitute crown over the prepared enamel to protect it from damage while waiting for the permanent piece. Many patients like seeing that their crowns have a double benefit of restoring the health of teeth and improving cosmetic appearance.

Veneers are cosmetic procedures that are fit for people who are displeased with the appearance of their teeth as a whole. Those who aren’t satisfied with the shape or size of their teeth could change that with veneers. Veneers are porcelain sheaths bonded to the teeth that completely cover the enamel. The materials are made to look identical to a full set of white, straight, healthy teeth. They have a natural look that can’t be distinguished from the appearance of real teeth.

Just as with dental crowns, tooth enamel is buffed to make room for the restorative materials. The dentist and lab technicians work scrupulously to construct veneers that conform to the preferences of their patients. Alterations can be made if the veneers don’t fit as expected. Veneers can last a decade and remain in fine condition. Dentists examine them at regular check-ups and make revisions when necessary.

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