Cutlers Start to Make Fresh Automatic Switchblades for the Tactical Market

by | Mar 5, 2024 | Knives

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Some knife enthusiasts have claimed that automatic switchblades have become somewhat stale over the years. A majority of the kind that you’re likely to see are of the same general pattern, which makes it look as though most cutlers are basically repeatedly making the same designs. While this might be true of inexpensive low-end knives, a group of factory custom manufacturers are looking to change the conversation by introducing some new models.

Almost all of these switchblades are geared directly toward the tactical market. Though tactically-minded buyers have traditionally been reluctant to put their faith into anything but a fixed-bladed design, these knives offer features not often seen in an automatic. For instance, many of them offer sophisticated rust-resistant coatings that make them ideal for use in an outdoor environment that might carry the dual threats of moisture and dirt with it.

Many provide a choice of serrated or straight edges as well, which gives consumers a more complete set of options when it comes time to purchase their new knife. Those who want to cut through rope and other extruded materials will probably prefer a blade with some teeth. Most others will want a straight blade, though some culters combine both options into a single edge. While such designs might take more effort to keep sharp, they’re quite useful for those who want to only have to carry a single tool in their pocket.

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