DCFS Defense in Dekalb

Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) in Illinois is responsible for investigating claims related to child abuse and neglect in DeKalb. In DCFS Defense in Dekalb, an individual in the Division of Child Protection (DCP), which is a division in DCFS, oversees the investigation.

A DCFS Defense investigation involves talking to the person who is making the report, the one accused of child abuse and neglect as well as other individuals who can provide useful information including family members. In some cases, the investigation is conducted with the help of the police. The person who is being accused of child abuse and neglect can be affected in some ways.

The Ramifications of a DCFS investigation

The primary purpose of carrying out a DCFS investigation is to find out whether a child was abused or neglected and if they are no longer safe at home. A person who is being investigated of having committed the crimes can have their lives change in various unexpected ways.

A criminal investigation

A DCFS call can result in a criminal investigation. A thorough fact-finding analysis is done to determine whether the accused has committed the said crimes and this might involve the police. This period might be quite stressful for them.

Termination of Parental rights

If after the investigation, they are found guilty of the crimes; their parental rights can be terminated. Any power that they may have over the child can be stripped off, and it is bestowed upon their new guardian; can be a relative.

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