Deciding on Household Appliance Repair in Pittsburgh PA for an Old Washing Machine

When a washing machine breaks down after many years of use, the owners might wonder whether they should call for Household Appliance Repair in Pittsburgh PA or shop for a new one. They’ve heard that newer models are significantly more energy efficient, and some use much less water. They might have a top-loading machine, for instance, and they know that front loaders don’t require nearly as much water to clean and rinse laundry.

Environmental and Savings Considerations

It’s true that replacing a washing machine that is 15, 20 or 30 years old gives the owners the chance to buy one that is friendlier to the environment. The new one will save them money on utility bills. However, there is also the negative environmental aspect of throwing things away when they can still be useful. In addition, it takes years to regain the money spent on a new machine through utility savings.

Front Loaders vs. Top Loaders

Another consideration is that many consumers are unhappy with their front-loading washing machines and wish they would have stuck with the old top loader. Anyone considering buying a front loader will want to do plenty of research first to make sure this is the best choice for their household.

Battling Planned Obsolescence

Choosing Household Appliance Repair in Pittsburgh PA is a way of fighting against planned obsolescence. It’s unclear whether any manufacturers actually build appliances with the intent of the equipment breaking down after a certain number of years, but U.S. residents are throwing out functional appliances and electronics at record levels.

In the meantime, many households continue using their older appliances for decades without shopping for something newer, better and offering an array of new features. They don’t care about operating the washing machine with a smartphone; they just are glad they can get a prompt and effective response from a skilled technician if a problem develops.

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