Defining Surrogacy and How to Apply as Surrogate Parents of One

Surrogacy is a form of assisted reproduction. It is bounded by a legal agreement. Surrogacy is an agreement between the surrogate mother (the one who will carry the baby) and the parents (the ones who will own the baby once its given birth). If you are planning to adopt or is looking for surrogacy for gay couples, you can easily find groups and companies that can help you to find a surrogate mother.

So, how can you become surrogate parents? Here are three steps that you can do.

Look for Surrogate Companies or Services to Help You

If you are looking for surrogacy for gay couples and you want to start a family, you can start by finding agencies that offer surrogacy services. They will be the ones to provide you with a list of potential surrogate mothers. You can choose the surrogate mother based on your preferences. If you don’t want to use an agency, you can find a surrogate through your inner circles. The difference is with companies, the surrogate has a legal agreement with the agency and you, and once the pregnancy is done, you can have your baby without worrying about the surrogate mother.

Know Your Rights, Talk to A Lawyer

Don’t just walk inside an agency and ask for a surrogate mother. Talk to a lawyer first and ask for your rights as a surrogate parent. Have your lawyer check the contract before signing it. Make sure that there will be no legal issues after your baby is born.


The cost is one thing to consider. Before walking to an agency and ask for a surrogate mother, you don’t just have to worry about the process and fees. You have to think ahead – once the baby is born. Can you and your partner shoulder the cost of bringing a baby in this world? Can you give your baby a wonderful life ahead?

Finding a surrogate mother is not easy but with the help of licensed agencies, you can easily have the baby you have been waiting for.

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