Dental Visits For Kids Made Easy

Getting your child to the dentist doesn’t have to feel like pulling teeth. With the right conditions in place, visits to the dentist can be pleasant or at least bearable. Since not going to the dentist isn’t an option, it’s better to visit a dentist who understands children and interacts with them easily like a Children’s dentist Charleston.

Something to Chew On

Dentist visits can be daunting even to adults, let alone small children. Children sometimes find dental offices very overwhelming, especially if they’re the patient. At Dr. Jennifer’s the entire office landscape, from attitude to decor, is put in place to pleasantly distract children, calm them down and gain their trust.

Dr. Jennifer covers her office’s walls in artwork her little patients create just for her. The overall mood in the office is professional but laid back, with a kid-friendly atmosphere that is conscientiously overseen by a seasoned, committed team.

Dr. Jennifer’s team also offers tips and advice to help parents navigate the tricky slope of getting kids to the dentist and keeping them relaxed and happy while they’re there. The team works with you and your child every step of the way to ensure a lifetime of healthy dental care. For first visits, a critical moment in any child’s life, a hygiene assistant teaches your child proper brushing and flossing techniques.

Starting Early is Good Dental Care

Ideally, your children should receive quality dental care as early as the appearance of the first tooth or at least by 12 months. Proper care of baby teeth and routine dentist visits ensure healthy tooth development and prevent the onset of common issues.

Baby teeth and kids’ teeth, although temporary, are vitally important. They help children speak clearly, chew food and they hold space for permanent teeth. Dr. Jennifer and her team are always eager to answer any other questions you may have about optimal dental care for children. For an outstanding Children’s dentist Charleston or a dentist that specializes in just Children and Teens dentistry, contact Charleston Smiles today.

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