Designing A Fabulous Operational Kitchen

When you are starting a new restaurant business, one of the most important parts of your business will be the restaurant kitchen design.  You will need to plan carefully so that you can use all of the space that you have for a kitchen optimally and that you will have room for all of the operations that will need to take place in your kitchen to make your restaurant a success.  You can hire a restaurant consulting firm to help you in your restaurant kitchen design.

Having your menus planned prior to restaurant kitchen design can help to save you a lot of problems later because you will know exactly what you will need to prepare in the kitchen and how much space that you will need for your supplies and equipment.  You will need to also be aware of health codes and restrictions or requirements that may need to be in place within your kitchen, especially if you are planning on serving alcohol.  You will need to adhere to the codes for the building to make sure that you are within code for the plumbing in your kitchen as well as for local fire codes.  Your design can be affected by these codes and so you will want to take precaution to review these prior to going ahead with your restaurant kitchen design.

It is very helpful to consult with a restaurant consultant because they are well versed in these types of matters and can help make sure that you are up to code on every requirement for your kitchen.  You will also want to figure out what types of kitchen equipment that will be necessary for your kitchen to be fully operational and the most efficient.  You may require several ovens or grill    s that could require an in depth ventilation system.

When purchasing equipment for your business you will want to only purchase items that you will need for cooking and preparing food for your business and make sure that you have several on hand in case one breaks down.  There are a lot of gadgets and appliances out there, but some may just take up precious kitchen space and won’t get used.  So make sure that everything in your kitchen will have a place and a use for your kitchen.
You will want to consider entrances and exits for your kitchen so that your waiters can easily place and pick up their orders without getting in the way of the chefs.  It may also be wise to have a completely separate area for dish washing to take place.

Contact a restaurant consulting group today to help you with your restaurant kitchen design.  They can take your restaurant kitchen design ideas and tweak them until they are perfect!!

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