Determining the Full Rate for Routine House Cleaning in Nassau County

Workers who provide service for House Cleaning in Nassau County generally charge by the hour. They can provide estimates for weekly or twice-monthly cleaning after asking some questions about the home.

Determining the Full Rate

To determine the expected rate for routine House Cleaning in Nassau County, the company representative will want to know the approximate size of the house, condo or apartment. The number of bathrooms must be factored in, because those rooms tend to require extra time to clean.

A small amount of extra time may also be factored in for dogs and cats. Typically they shed hair to a certain extent. Dogs may track in dirt from outside, and cats may track some litter around near their litter pans. The household residents can introduce friendly pets to the cleaning crew the first time they come.

Workers with a company such as Ace Home Cleaning Service are willing to tidy up for messy customers, but that will add a bit more time to the bill. To avoid this extra charge, the customers will want to wash dishes, pick up magazines and newspapers, and put their clean laundry away. This must be done before the cleaners can do their work.

Now, the representative knows about how long cleaning will take. If this is likely a three-hour job, the rep multiples the hourly charge by three hours for the total. To get an estimate, people who need the service may begin with the website

Routine Cleaning

Routine cleaning involves a variety of tasks that do not qualify as deep cleaning. Examples include dusting flat surfaces and picture frames, vacuuming carpet and upholstery, shaking out or vacuuming throw rugs, and sweeping or wet-mopping floors.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning projects also can be scheduled with the service as needed. The workers will move furniture and vacuum those areas, clean light fixtures and ceiling fans, and wipe down the blades of window blinds. Deep cleaning typically is scheduled a few times a year and before the routine cleaning schedule begins. It can be done right before important guests come to visit and immediately before people list their home for sale.

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