Developing a Treatment Plan Based on the Patient’s Unique Needs

When it comes to dental health, individuals need to find a provider that can meet all of their needs. Some individuals find they only need regular cleanings to keep their mouth fresh and healthy, yet others need restorative or cosmetic work. Dentists now offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of all, so finding the right Dental Treatment has never been easier. The first thing to consider is what is needed in terms of dental work and go forward from there. This helps to ensure the right practice is selected the first time.

Restorative work is what many associates with dentistry. All dentists offer preventative care along with restorative work, so a patient only needs to visit one practice to have their teeth cleaned or a tooth filled. Some dentists, however, don’t take on more complicated tasks, such as oral surgery or root canals with complications. They send patients to another practice for these tasks. It’s a matter of whether the patient feels comfortable seeing more than one dental provider or if they wish to see one dentist for all work, to better ensure continuity of care.

Cosmetic dentistry continues to grow in popularity, as more individuals now recognize the value of a beautiful smile. In the past, crowns and/or dentures were used to replace missing or failing teeth, but today patients have new options. Dental implants provide a better solution in this situation, as the prevent bone loss commonly seen with dentures. Others turn to a cosmetic dentist to have their teeth whitened or to obtain veneers, as they have chipped or crooked teeth that benefit from this type of treatment.

Numerous individuals now turn to Aegis Dental Group, as they provide a wide range of services to meet the needs of all. Contact this practice today for a free consultation. Patients who choose to take advantage of this offer meet with staff members to learn more about their patient care philosophy. In addition, they undergo an exam and x-rays, to allow for a Dental Treatment plan to be developed, one that meets the needs of the patient perfectly. Treatment options will be discussed, based on the patient’s preferences and lifestyle. In addition, financing options will be discussed. Now is the time to meet with this practice, as they wish to see everyone have a healthy smile.

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